Smith & Wesson Sigma Trigger Pull Solution

 This will make your gun a pleasure to shoot!


Buy from the best; Buy from an engineer with years of experience and an Honest seller. Developed by a Gunsmith, For Gunsmiths. 

You are buying one Improved Sear Spring to fit the SW40 and SW9 Sigma.

This Ultra Precision Compression Spring is a direct replacement for the Sear Return Spring in the trigger mechanism. I am the only seller of this patented direct replacement improved Sear Spring. Anything else is simply someone's idea of what they think will work. This one has stood the research and testing by two engineers and a Gunsmith! 

This is the ONLY Spring manufactured 
specifically engineered for this purpose. 

Anything else is just another spring!

If you are an owner of the Smith and Wesson Sigma you are fighting the toughest trigger you ever had your hands on! This spring is the answer! You will improve your accuracy and tighten your groups without hurting the reliability of the Sigma.

This is the best replacement spring you can buy for the Sigma based on research and calculated to be the best spring for the task; 
not just what someone tells you 'feels good to them"! 

It is manufactured as an Ultra Precision Spring just for the S&W Sigma 9mm and .40 Caliber with closed and ground ends just like the OEM spring in the gun. The difference is in the number of turns and the diameter of the wire. There is no danger of it tipping out like the others may. You are buying the best replacement spring for the trigger of your Smith and Wesson Sigma SW40VE or SW9VE. 
This spring has undergone extensive testing and will reduce the trigger pull by as much as 50% or more!

The video instructions For your spring with the details of the entire change over process taking less than 15 minutes is in the video below!

No more tired hands, no more missed targets due to the heavy trigger! Please note: This is not the Wolff 30085, 30086, or 30087 Striker spring that causes a weak primer strike and FTF's. That is a totally different spring that will cause more problems than it solves. No more missed targets due to the heavy trigger! 
The price is only $16.00 with NO Shipping charges whatsoever!

Guaranteed with a  

No-Hassle return policy!! 


This spring will ship to you in a Bubble Packed Package. It's professionally packed and inspected, protected from damage! 

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to contact me through the contact form below!

As always, I try to ship the day you make your purchase! I know you want it fast and I want it to get to you fast!

Watch the video below to see how easy this really is!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here!
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